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Hands-on training with flexible classes.
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Tulsa Welding School’s career training programs are largely hands-on, and include classroom and lab instruction providing students with the real-world training needed to become successful professionals. TWS prepares students for welding, pipefitting, shipfitting and electro-mechanical careers. Our graduates are trained to gain the knowledge, skills and essential attitude to immediately enter their chosen profession.

Programs offered:

  • Professional Welder (7 month program)

    In just 7 months, you can obtain valuable skills in welding processes that involve SMAW, MIG, TIG, high frequency TIG and Flux core. Students learn by doing and spend one day in class and four days a week in our workshops and labs perfecting their newly acquired skills. TWS graduates’ training prepares for entry level positions in Structural, Pipe, Aircraft, Thin Alloy, and Pipeline Welding.

  • Pipefitting (6 ½ month program) Tulsa Campus only

    In just 6 ½ months, you can obtain comprehensive training that covers blueprint reading, mathematics, safety and plumbing codes and standards. Students learn how to work with various types of pipes, pipe systems installation, plumbing fixtures and more. Training prepares graduates for career options as a Pipefitter, Pipelayer, Plumber, Boilermaker or Steamfitter.

  • Associate of Occupational Studies in Welding Technology (15 ¼ month program) Tulsa Campus only

    Our 15 ¼ month degree program includes the completion of our Professional Welder program coursework in the beginning to prepare for more in-depth studies such as Nondestructive Testing Techniques, metallurgy, codes, welding quality control and assurance.

  • Refrigeration Technologies (7 month program) Jacksonville Campus only

    In just 7 months, learn the fundamentals of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, climate control and refrigeration technologies. Our hands-on program gives students the knowledge and skills to obtain careers as refrigeration service and maintenance technicians, while also having an opportunity to explore jobs that focus on HVAC maintenance and service.

  • Electro-Mechanical Technologies (9 month program) Jacksonville Campus only

    In just 9 months, our graduates will be trained with a broad range of knowledge in electrical and mechanical technologies along with heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration. An added value to the program is the solar energy technology module which includes an overview of the Photovoltaic (PV) Science with principles and application processes used in many solar powered systems. This program prepares students for entry as service and maintenance technicians in the fields of Air Conditioning, Heating, Refrigeration and also Maintenance Electricians.